The Master degree course in commerce stream is M.COM and students having selection of this master degree or called a postgraduate academic degree are awarded after successful completion of a two years program.

In simple words, M.Com. is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on the methodical study of concepts of Accountancy, Statistics, Business Studies, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, Finance, Banking, Mathematics, Law, Taxation, Marketing, Management Studies, etc. We can say study of M.Com. Degree gives an insight of imperative subjects of management, economics and commerce.

M.COM covers the study of principles of accounting, micro and macroeconomics, money and banking systems, economic theory, knowledge about business and policies involved, etc. M.COM coaching institute in Ahmedabad offers the best study program for post graduate degree.

In the final year, the students opt for specialized study in any one fields of Commerce such as trade and its characteristics, Statistics, Taxation, Marketing, Accounting Finance, Banking, Insurance, etc. In real it is all about the practical learning of relative field that can help individuals as well as organizations to make out the growth.

    Master of Commerce Employment Areas
  • The great range of Corporate Sectors
  • Economic Consulting Firms
  • Insurance Industry
  • Banking Sector
  • Custom Department
  • Import/Export Companies